Juqery-Theme-Changer(JTS) is Developed By Archin modi. JTS is easy to use and easy to setup,Archin modi is computer Engineer Student.

How to Use Juqery-Theme-Changer(JTS)

Now you Can first Add To File (JTS.JS , JTS.CSS) and Jquery.min.js file is required.


Step : 1

     <link href="Jquery.Theme.Switcher.css" rel="stylesheet" />
     <script src="Jquery.Theme.Switcher.js"></script>

Step : 2

        <div id="Layout_Skin">
          /*Write Your Code Here...*/

Step : 3

add Switcher class for change backgroung color and Switcher-text class for change text color

  <div class="Switcher">
    <p class="Switcher-text"> Hello, Friend's </p>

Hello, Friend's

Step : 4

      $(document).ready(function () {